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Syringe plug moulds

Sanxing Medical Plastic Mould Company is a professional manufacturer producing disposable syringe molds and infusion set molds.
The material and machining method we adopt for plunger mold base are P20, 718H, 4Cr13, 2738, etc. The thermal treatment hardness of the mold base is HRC 30-35 degrees, and the mold base adopts an integral frame structure, which has the advantages of anti-deformation, anti-dislocation, and higher service life.
The material and machining method we adopt for plunger mold cavities are S136, 440C, DC53, Cr12Mov, etc. The thermal treatment hardness is HRC 52-58 degrees. We adopt Japan Sodick slow wire processing for machining thimble holes. We adopt the SKD wear-resistant thimble, so as to ensure high verticality of thimble holes, and long service life & high wearability for the thimble.

Syringe plug moulds Manufacturers

Wenling Sanxing Medical Plastic Mold Factory was established in 1998, is a professional Custom Syringe plug moulds Manufacturers and Syringe plug moulds Factory, the products include Syringe plug moulds etc. We have a strong technical research and development team and strength, for Provide professional customization services for your molds. We have a series of equipment from design, manufacture and testing, forming the whole process from 3D modeling design to machining center. Our molds operate with good interchangeability of mold inserts and parts and long service life. Our products are sold to Singapore, South Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other countries or regions. It has been widely applauded by these customers. If you would like to visit our factory, we warmly welcome you to drop by (virtually or in person) or provide samples and designs to customize various mold components.