OEM/ODM 5ml semi-hot runner mould

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5ml semi-hot runner mould

5ml semi-hot runner mould


Wenling Sanxing Medical plastic mold factory


Years Of Experience

Established in 1998, Sanxing Medical Plastic Mold Factory is China OEM 5ml semi-hot runner mould suppliers and ODM 5ml semi-hot runner mould company, We are the professional manufacturer in China’s domestic market, specializing in the design and manufacture of disposable syringe mould. Our factory is located in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, China, at the core of a national leading electromechanical industrial park. Our manufacturing plant covers an area of 7,000 m2 and a building area of 5,600 m2.
Since the establishment of the company about 25 years ago, we have dedicated ourselves to providing world-leading safety injection solutions. We are a professional manufacturer of safety syringes and auto-disable syringes which eliminate the risk of contaminated needlestick injuries that may transmit HIV, hepatitis (B and C), and many other infectious blood-borne diseases. Now we have the semi-hot runner syringe mould, spiral lift-out mould, push-rod composite mould, safety auto-disable syringe mould, and more than 30 kinds of other professional products: We produce various types of disposable syringe mould. Auxiliary products are needle bases, sheaths, infusion, etc., and medical equipment, plastic mould, etc. Every year, we produce 210 sets of syringe moulds which are sold worldwide to Singapore, South Korea, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Perú, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other countries or areas. We received wide applause from those clients.
In 2003, we successfully developed safe auto-disposable syringe moulds and multi-functional transparent masterbatch. 2004, we established cooperation with Qianjiang Motorcycle Group Mold Research Institute, which further enhanced our ability to design and manufacture new products.
Numerous years of practical experience in mould manufacturing has equipped a team of skilled workers with a high level of specialization and experience. We use UG, CAD, CAM, ProE in practice. We have a series of equipment required from design, manufacturing, and testing, and developed an overall process from 3D modeling design to machining center. Our moulds have performed great interchangeability of mold inserts and parts in operation, as well as long service life.
Sanxing Mould is sincerely willing to cooperate with clients and partners both home and abroad for mutual benefits. If you would like to visit our factory, we warmly welcome your presence (virtually or in-person) or to provide samples and designs to customize various mould components.

Company Certificate


  • Customization

    We use CAD/CAM and Pro/E for the design, analysis and manufacturing of the moulds.
  • Quality

    We ensure thorough inspection in accordance with relevant national standards
  • Service

    Our goal is to provide customized solutions for the market and our customers
  • Capacity

    We produce 210 sets of syringe moulds per year to sell worldwide